Welcome to the Light House Hotel in Huye, Rwanda

Where Serving You is Our Mission

We would be delighted to welcome you to stay with us.  Our comfortable rooms offer the best views you will find in Huye.  We can offer great facilities for your conference, with delicious meals provided from our restaurant.  If you are here to relax, make the most of Huye's best health spa, complete with gym, sauna, and massage!

Staying at the Light House Hotel not only guarantees an excellent experience, but also an opportunity to contribute to the Butare Huye community. Just like a traditional lighthouse, the Light House Hotel serves as a symbol of hope and safety for the Huye community. The hotel supports two important local initiatives: empowering female entrepreneurs through sustainable farming, and building houses for Huye families in need. Read more...

Luxury Rooms

Conference Center

Health Gym & Spa