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Light House Hotel, located in Huye, Rwanda

Staying at the Light House Hotel not only guarantees an excellent experience, but also an opportunity to contribute to the Huye community. The hotel is named "Light House" because of the traditional use of lighthouses around the world to guide ships to safety in times of tumult. Just like a traditional lighthouse, the Light House hotel serves as a symbol of hope and safety for the Huye-Butare community. The Light House hotel supports two important local initiatives: empowering female entrepreneurs through sustainable farming, and building houses for Huye families in need. Learn more about these two initiatives here.   

Light House Hotel

The Light House hotel caters to tourists, missionaries, families, conferences and groups. Located in Rwanda’s Southern Province, there is easy access to many travel destinations with a friendly staff that is happy to accommodate and help plan your stay. The surrounding neighborhoods provide guests with opportunities to explore Rwandan culture. Our hotel has many features including a variety of rooms with stunning views, a conference center that is fully equipped to host large groups, and an exceptional restaurant with traditional Huye fine dining. Additionally a gym, sauna, and convenience store,  are new additions to the hotel.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to make your stay, a happy stay!

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